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Everingham Electric is a licensed Electrical Contractor based in St. Petersburg. We provide quality electrical installations to our customers in accordance with the National electrical code. With over 30 years of combined electrical contracting experience, we are qualified to complete your project properly and to your satisfaction the first time. We pride ourselves on the excellent electrical installations we create and it shows in our work.

  • Problematic Electrical Panel Types (FPE)

    Sometimes it’s not the particulars inside the panel that are problematic, it’s the panel itself! Such is the case with Federal Pacific “Stab-Lok” panels, Zinsco panels and a host of older outdated panel types like fuse panels or early style breaker panels with limited circuits. Both the Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels have histories of breaker failures, although with slightly different aspects. In both cases, the way the breakers work (which is to provide overcurrent protection) was poorly designed and could lead to failures and fires. With older outdated panels, the problem is more about space than it is about overcurrent safety. Plainly stated, older fuse panels and some breaker panels (like the Pushmatic panels) just don’t have enough room to handle the electrical needs for today’s homeowner.

  • Panel upgrades

    Old main panels have limitations on available space to add circuits or they have fuses (some insurance carriers will not insure a property that has fuses). Some old panels have had circuits added and have maxed out (most old panels are maxed out when the original construction was completed). Many old panels are of inferior quality and simply stop working and need to be replaced.

    An electric service upgrade is often recommended or required to increase the capacity of the existing electrical service. With all the new appliances and technical devices we now have in our homes, we find that older homes just don’t have sufficient power available to handle the increased demand.

  • Hot tub installations

    Electricity and water can be a dangerous combination. Electricians and contractors need proper training, familiarity with code and an understanding of the basics such as motors, GFCI and wiring before installing hot tubs.

  • Parking lot lighting

    We install, repair, replace and troubleshoot parking lot lighting systems. With years of experience tracing wires underground, we can save you time and money in finding hidden junction boxes and problematic faults in your wiring system. We install new light poles and retrofit older fixtures with new LED fixtures to help reduce your electrical bills and to eliminate the need for lighting maintenance.

  • LED lighting retrofit

    Installing LED fixtures and replacing fluorescents, metal halides and incandescent lights is a good idea and a good investment. The electrical savings generally pay for the upgrade in 2 to 3 years after which time you are saving money on your electrical bill and your maintenance costs. We can come to your location and perform an energy audit for free. We will look at your existing lighting system, give you a free quote for an led upgrade, and show you how much money you can save monthly. It just makes cents!

Why Choose Us


We are well trained professionals

Like anything in life, if you put forth effort and you use your mind you will be successful. The same thing can be said for electrical work. Our apprentices work under the supervision of multiple licensed journeyman electricians. They get the benefit of being trained on the job from a qualified individual with years of experience. They also go to school one day a week and learn the math and the electrical theory which teaches us how to safely harness the power of electricity. This process takes five years after which time they take a final exam to get their license and become a Journeyman Electrician. We believe in investing in the future of our employees because we believe that we will be working together for years to come.


We have the experience

Working from a blueprint presents its own set of challenges. The prints need to be studied to catch all of the details and to make sure that any conflicts in the installation are caught before a structure is finished. Working without a blueprint and coming on to a job to troubleshoot or make changes to an existing electrical system is even more challenging. This is where experience pays off. We have studied the National Electrical Code so we know what the rules are and how to apply them. This in conjunction with our knowledge of how buildings are assembled enables us to take the big picture into consideration. We work with our customers to help them understand the process and provide them with the information that they need in order to make decisions. The end result is an installation that functions well and serves the users’ needs.


We have a good reputation

We have worked hard to gain the reputation that we have in the community. We live and work here in Pinellas County and we are an integral part of that community when we are at home or at work. A good reputation takes years to build and we depend upon referrals from our customers to their families and friends. We recognize that the relationships that we build with our customers are a big part of what keeps them coming back to us when they need help. We depend on you and you can depend upon us.